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Replacement Bumpers

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Does anyone know if you can get replacement bumpers for the bumper boys that are soft. The ones that come with it are made of aluminum or something and I wanted to try to find something with canvas and some padding. I shoot my hand held dummy laucher bumpers off of it but it shoots them a little farther and higher than I want even with the green loads. Thanks.
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The ones that came with mine aren't hard like aluminum. Do you have an older version?
I think you have an older version. The newer version is soft, and has a black cover that can wrap around it with velcro to create a black bumper. It does not have a plastic coating. It is hard but pliable foam from the metal thing in the middle all the way to the outside. Someone could dent it with the fingernail of their pinky finger with little effort.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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