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Replacement Bumpers

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Does anyone know if you can get replacement bumpers for the bumper boys that are soft. The ones that come with it are made of aluminum or something and I wanted to try to find something with canvas and some padding. I shoot my hand held dummy laucher bumpers off of it but it shoots them a little farther and higher than I want even with the green loads. Thanks.
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Soft bumpers

Outlander makes a canvas bumper for bumper boy. They are the same size and weight, but are made of a very durable canvas. These are made by a Frank Muli in Ontario, [email protected] or 905 336 5863. He also makes regular canvas bumper white or black and white and puppy bumpers - all in canvas. The quality is excellent and reasonably priced in Canadian dollars. You can find him advertised in Retriever Online. I have used all of the above and recommend them if you want canvas.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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