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Just so we understand.. There have been no formal rules or guidelines for this new approach. I believe it is going to be up to the participating Judges.. They are the ones who are going to be willing to give their time and expertise to answer questions..

It would be nice for you to confirm you are indeed a Judge, and what level your experience..

I personally am fine with setup discussions being brought forward for Judges comments. I think there is a Lot to learn from that.. I believe JUDGES discussing a set-up between themselves, just like on a setup day before the test/ trial, would be interesting. May show how they work through issues..

IMHO,, I believe a question should be asked, then JUDGES ONLY will give their views. Those views may be based on rules , and judging experience.. No Training discussions.

I do not believe debate from people who don’t Judge (handlers) is warranted here. State your question,,then read and learn.. Treat this as though you are attending a symposium..

The more comfortable judges feel responding,, the more information will be gained..

Judges!! Try not to get into bickering debates.. between yourselves.. There most assuredly will be differences of opinion... The RULES MAY settle those times..

Lets try to keep this civil, and a positive experience for education

The two most important words are Civility and RESPECT..
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