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Thank you for your question. This is an area that is receiving a lot of
attention with regard to controlled studies and research. A published
report in 2004(J Vet Intern Med 2004; 18:147-151) assessed the
physiologic response of Labrador retrievers during field trial training
and competition. In this study, the authors did find a statistically
significant difference between the potassium, sodium, and chloride serum
levels before and after exercise. Potassium and sodium decreased and
chloride increased. One has to be very cautious though, in that,
statistically significant sometimes means very little clinically. In
this study, the alterations in electrolytes were very small, so it
remains to be determined if supplementation would be of any benefit for
these dogs. The electrolyte changes were typical of what is seen in dogs
with respiratory alkalosis, which is what one would expect to see with a
lot of panting post exercise. So, to answer your question, the
Rehydrate product would probably not hurt the dog but may not be of much
benefit either in performance. The body is very smart in controlling
these electrolytes, so if the supplementation is given and not excessive
(meaning against company recommendations) the body would excrete what it
does not need.

Thank you,
Veterinarian on Call

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Good info. I have had a wait and see approach.
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