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I just had my Vet (my sister in law) chip my dog with a ResQ microchip by Bayer. She said that she had heard lots of positive comments from other Vets and pet owners about about the chip and the easy, free registration. I registered online and it was very easy. After the insertion, the chip was picked up on the scanner on the first swipe every time. I believe this chip is widely used overseas because it is ISO compliant, but becoming more widely used here too. A few years ago Bayer (who owns ResQ) donated 20,000 scanners to shelters and ACO's all over the US. From what I understand their scanner reads all chips. I'm also planning on getting a tattoo for my dog, just to be safe, but wondered if anyone here uses this chip.

Also found out my dog had Lyme disease, thanks to a quick 10 min blood test that checks for Lyme and 3 other Tick borne diseases. Luckily we caught it before any real problems developed. He had a very slight limp for a few days and a little diarrhea, I just though he strained a muscle while training. My sister in law said 85% of the dogs she treats in this area have Lyme. Friggin ticks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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