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Provided by HighRollerLabs:

Blackhawk Retriever Club, Inc.
June 4, 5 & 6--2004 Field Trial Results

OPEN Results, 79 starters, Carl Ruffalo & Brad LaFave
1st--Country's Rolling Thunder/Wayne Curtis/Jeff Schilz
2nd--FC Heartbreak Kid, Paul Sletten/ Greg Oothoudt
3rd--Candlewood Show Me The Money/Earl Gilman
4th--FC Tequilla Sunrise IX, Sletten/Lorri Oliver
RJam--Nilak Eye Of The Storm, Paul Sletten/Tim Thompson
Jam--Abe's Mrs Lincoln, Dave Ward/Manley Haines
Jam--Dust Devil's Indigo Rock, Scott Dewey/Dave Seivert
Jam--Red Cedar's Maxamillion, Wayne Curtis/Pete Hayes

AMATEUR Results--59 starters, Monie Cundari & Lance Hughey
1st--Brookdales Sugar and Spice, Jim Powers (qualified for Nat'l Am)
2nd--Field Of Dreams I'm A Winner, Brad LaFave
3rd--AFC Tippecanoe's Tyler, George Wamsley (qualified for Nat'l Am)
4th--Nite Flights Tracin' The Line, Ed Tomashek (had 5 Qual thrids before this)
RJam--FC Mr Magic IV, Dave Hemminger
Jam--Candlewood Lotta Black Pepper MH, Brad LaFave
Jam--Topbrass Savanah Hannah, Fred Brown
Jam--Autumn Run's De Super Tara, Susan Exo

QUALIFYING Results--34 starters, Nancy Planasch & Craig Bauer
1st--Rock River Leica, Scott Dewey, Bruce Sampson
2nd--MD's Just Bob MH, Marc Fritzmeier
3rd--Way-Da-Go Ready To Play, Terri Veach
4th--Howdy's Charming Pippa, Scott Dewey, John Skibber
RJam--Razz-l Of River Velvet
Jam--The Queen's Merlyn, Pat Nell
Jam--CD's Biggie, Dave Davis, Lenny Conklin

DERBY Results--32 starters, Nancy Planasch & Craig Bauer
1st--T-Street Tess, Scott Dewey, John Skibber
2nd--Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown, Fred Brown/D & M Heard
3rd--Hawkeye's Red White and Blue, Bill Hillmann
4th--Magiclabs Mini-Me, Bruce Borkovich
RJam--TKO's Tex, Brick Hejlik, Steve/Mary Becker
Jam--Winchester Game-Getter, Judy Powers
Jam--Ottercreek's Rayne Dancer
Jam--Poplar Forest Rain On Ya, Judy Powers
Jam--Field Of Dreams Hunt-Um-Up "Hunter", Brad LaFave
Jam--Hawkeye's Red Rock, William Hillmann
Jam--Yellabs Play It Again Sam, Pat Stoik
Jam--Calumet's Speed Demon, Sig Vilagi
Jam--River Hills High Man, Brian Norwood, Lee Eskelson
Jam--Adacs Rock-N-Rye, George Wamsley or Carl Cada
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