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Riparian Makin' Tracks, O/Cliff and Jeanne Garland, H/Scott Harp
Coolwater's Blew By You, O/Gene and Andrea Horner, H/Charlie Moody
Wild Texas Ruby, O/Pam Park, H/ Chris Ledford
Muskie's Big Water Booyah, O/Richard Berry, H/Jeff Horsley
Res. Jam Low Country Porky, O/John Kabbes, H/ Charlie Moody
Jams: Gammon's 3rd Times a Charm, O/Mark Gammon
Poe's Rapping Tapping Raven, O/H Lisa Styles
Rebala's Rolling Thunder, O/Casey Howell, H/ Lynn Troy
Cody Cut a Lean Grade, O/H Chad Baker
Autumn Creek's Lucille, O/ Jason Gillette, H/Chris Ledford

AFTCH Thieven Satin Sable, O/ Bill Tidd, H/Chris Ledford
AFC Dr. Copper Ph. D MH, O/H Wayne Dodson
Riparian Windfall, O/Cliff and Jeanne Garland, H/Scott Harp
Duk Daug of Nickajack, O/Darrel Russo, H/Chris Ledford
Not sure who got the Jams

The Amateur had 9 dogs back to the water marks
vapir no2

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Congratulations Lisa Styles and Raven!

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Fast Woody said:
2 Coolwater's Blew By You, O/Gene and Andrea Horner, H/Charlie Moody
3 Wild Texas Ruby, O/Pam Park, H/ Chris Ledford
4 Muskie's Big Water Booyah, O/Richard Berry, H/Jeff Horsley
Congrats to Gene, Pam and Jeff! 8)

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Open Jams

RJ: FC/AFC Coolwater's Ice Tiger, SH-O/H Bill Wertz
J: FC Minare Risque of Buckshot- Brad Bowyer
J: FC Brantley's Lean Chena-Mayo Holloway, Jr (Chris Ledford)


1st: FC/AFC Maple Creek's Maggie May-Brad Bowyer
2nd: FC/AFC Coolwater's Ice Tiger, SH-Bill Wertz
3rd: AFC Creekside's Moses Malone-Jessie Kent
4th: AFC Dr. Copper PhD, MH-Wayne Dodson\
RJ: Kericho's Kodiak Gold-David Baty
J: Landover's Who's Your Daddy-Chris Faaborg


1st: Cody's Cut A Lean Grade-Chad Baker
2nd: JK's Dynamite DUI-Jim Weatherly (Charlie Moody)
3rd: Backwater's Black Molecule-Keith Pharr
4th: Riparian Makin' Tracks-Cliff/Jeanne Garland (Scott Harp)
RJ: Donna Ann's Drake-Brian/Donna Hardin (Jeff Horsley)
J: Little Bud Bandit-Dakota Rasbury (Carter Hughes)
J: Ida Red's Sweet Jen-Jim/Lynn Nagy (Jim)
J: Sonmar's Zipper-Sonny Free
J: Luke's Ike-Jonathan Denton (Carter Hughes)
J: Gettin' Some Waterfowl-Michael Carr (Lynn Troy)
J: C's Midnight Thunder-Charlie Cecil
J: Berger Lakes Cosmo K Rascal-Butch Statham (Charlie Moody)

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Congratulations to RTF'er Chad Baker. He won the Qualifying with his young dog, Cody's Cut a lean Grade, and then the two finished the derby. Way to go!!

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Congrats to Bill and Ice for their RJ in the Open and 2nd in the AM!! :D

Briezy's proud of her brother!!


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Thanks guys we are on cloud nine! Winning a Q at 18mnths would not have been possible without the the help of several people. First and for most Jim Van Engen at Right Start Kennels and second John Brocheck. Jim's training program is awesome! John's input is by helping me realize how to setup succesful training marks and blinds and then showing me that you can train too much.

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Big CONGRATULATIONS to Scott Harp and the Garlands: Moose got 4th in the Qualifying & WON the Derby and Scott & Ricky placed 3rd in the Open!!!

Congratulations to all you RTFers who placed or finished--a fine showing!

Chad, CONGRATS to you on the Q win. It was nice meeting you at Buckeye.
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