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Retriever Club of Alaska trial results July 30-Aug 1 2004

Open: Keith Griffith Nancy Sydnam

1st FC/AFC Hiwood Clean Sweep, Roy McFall
2nd FC Running With the Devil, Dave Mosher
3rd FC/AFC Vollwood's Peaches and Cream, Jack Vollstedt
4th FC/AFC Vollwoods Mollie, Jack Vollstedt

RJ FC Miss Scarlet, Dave Mosher
Jam FC/AFC Chena River Chavez, Dave Mosher attaboy old man! not Dave, the dog

Amateur Keith Griffith Ron Black

1st - FC AFC Volwood's Peaches and Cream, Jack Vollstedt
2nd - Maxim Bonnie Yada Yada, Mary Bixby
3rd - FC AFC Volwood's Mollie, Jack Vollstedt
4th - FC AFC Hiwood Kleen Sweep, Roy McFall

R J - Madcaps Toll Bridge, Jim Hildebrandt
JAM - Redrocks Wild Card MH, Roy Redifer

Qualifying: Roy McFall Brian Bains

1st Casell's King Eider, Bob Cassell
2nd Nitro's Cannonball Diva, Tom Simpson
3rd Shoemaker's Radiator, Jim Portch
4th Chatanika's Flat Rock Anna, T Derek Wilkerson

Derby: Keith Griffith Harold Strahle

1st Lite Em Up Nitro, Matt Conner
2nd Plourde's Ides of March, Mark Mosher
3rd Call Me Chena, Mark Mosher
4th H.E. Vita Sackville-West, Nancy Sydnam

RJ CK's Brutus, Mark Mosher
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