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Please remember wives as well as husbands can send in a ballot and every vote counts. The ballot is in the June issue of Retriever News and must be mailed prior to August 7, 2012. Please make sure you use your ballot and nominate worthy retrievers and worthy patrons of our sport. Thank you!

I am sending in my ballot to nominate Ranger for the Retriever Hall of Fame. Here are some of Ranger's accomplishments.

1. National Derby list

2. QAA first time out age 2

3. AFC age 3

4. FC age 4

5. Qualified 9 Nationals in 5 years which included time off for a ruptured Achilles Tendon (06) and an ACL rupture (07)

6. He was awarded a Jam or placed in 41% of all trials entered (Open and Am)

7. He was awarded a Jam or placed in 50% of all Amateurs entered

8. he received 141 all age points (92% with Amateur Handler)

9. 2005 High point Open dog

10. Double Header winner

11. National Amateur Finalist 2003 (3 years old)

12. National Amateur Finalist 2004 (4 years old

13. National Open Finalist 2004 (4 years old)

14. He ran an average of 14 Opens / year and 10 Amateurs / year

15. Sired many Derby List dogs

16. Sired 2009 High Point Open Female

17. Sired 2010 National Field Champion NFC AFC Hunter Runs Boo Boo

18. Sired 2011 National Amateur Finalist

19. Sired #2 High point Derby dog

20. Sired 2010 National Amateur Finalist

21. Sired the 2009 high point (Open and AM combined ) dog

22. Ranger was Awarded the Thomas W. Merritt Trophy for 2011. This award recognizes the Sire whose progeny were awarded the largest number of All Age points in the previous calendar year.

In his last year,2008, Ranger ran 6 Opens( receiving a JAM or placing in 4 events) and the National Amateur where he went 9 series largely running on 3 legs. Ranger was then retired and the following December 24 he had to be sent over the Bridge.

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