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We're in the process of designing a pre-master national tune-up retreat for girls AND BOYS!

More to be announced soon, but at this time, the following ideas are in the works:

3-4 days (to be determined) of intense master national preparation
Four setups a day with at least one flyer a day
Two setups will be running concurrently (one training, one test under judgment) -- 1/2 the group will be in one location, 1/2 in the other and then rotate to the opposite setup when they complete the first. Then we'll do the same thing in the afternoon.
One or more ACTUAL master national judge(s) will be setting up and judging the hunt test scenarios
Location will more than likely be in South Carolina, but is to be determined

As of right now, we figure we can accomodate at least 24 dogs (broken down into two groups of 12 that will rotate throughout the day).

You provide your own breakfast and lunch (shopping nearby, mcdonald's nearby, big fridges available) and we'll cater in dinner. Lodging will be at the location and included in the price. Dogs are allowed in rooms.

I have no idea of the price yet...

This will be marathon training and testing so you can see what thing you may need to tighten up on, get a taste of what you might see in October and expose your dog to some things you may not otherwise have the opportunity to expose them to...

If you might be interested, please email [email protected]

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