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Posted: Mon Apr 09, 2007 8:59 am Post subject: Retriever Retreat: Mississippi ONE SPOT OPEN Apr 19-22


We had a last minute cancellation (today) and still have a single spot available.

For more information on our event, visit

This is a four-day ladies event focusing on AKC Hunt Test handling and training.

It features commentary from both trainer and AKC 8point judge. We run at least two setups a day, plus drills and yardwork as we have time available.

This spring we also feature our new "Retriever Playground" sponsored by Avery. This will be a playground featuring a variety of hunting equipment and other things you can spend time playing with to expose both yourself and your dog to unique hunting situations.

The event includes all lodging and meals, as well as at least one flyer a day and all setups with humans in the field, birds at the stations and commentary/guidedance before, during and after you run.

This cancellation has put me in a bit of a pickle as I've committed to a certain number of folks as far as the location, birds, etc.. I'll send a NICE GIFT to anyone who can help me fill it!!!


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Gun_Dog2002 said:
Well if it was closer to Oregon, I'd shave my legs and wear a kilt to be there...

Well I was interested, but if I have to shave my legs...

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