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Retriever Training Workshop with Carol Cassity, Florida

June 3-4, 2006 Maxville, ON

This seminar will help to demystify the marking concepts which your dog must learn in order to be successful, not just at the junior level, but at the advanced levels of hunt tests as well. This seminar will cover designing training set-ups (marks, blinds and drills) with all working attendees running, discussing and receiving feedback on their dog's performances.

This seminar will help you understand why judges set up tests the way they do and help you to tailor your training to be able to run these tests successfully. It will also help you to get the most from your training group by showing you how to adapt a set-up for your dog.

The majority of this seminar will be spent in the field, running set-ups as well as in the yard focussing on basics and drills, with discussion. All working dogs (limited) will be run on each set-up providing lots of observation and feedback. Observers (unlimited) are encouraged and all attendees are urged to bring problems for discussion and to ask questions throughout the seminar.

Carol has extensive field training experience. She has worked extensively with 3 pro trainers (Jim Dobbs, Jill Volsch and Ron Roman) and is an obedience instructor. Carol is a UKC Finished judge and a qualified AKC Master judge. While Chessies are her first love (her girl Tally was the first Chesapeake to achieve the Grand, Master and 500 point titles in the US) she currently is also running a young golden who will shortly be debuting n Master.

Carol is the author of Drills For The Retriever Hunt Test Enthusiast available at This is a compilation of drills for the hunting retriever. These drills were chosen because of their direct relevance to the retriever hunt test program and the skills that are required to be successful in that program. Particular attention is paid to selecting drills that are within the means of most amateur trainers.

For more information, please contact Pamela Martin at (613) 989-6163 OR [email protected].

Observer spots are available to a similar seminar being held July 1-3, 2006.
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