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Announcing an Advanced Retriever Training Workshop with Carol Cassity from June 30-July 2, 2007 at Ambertrail Kennels, Maxville, ON.

This is an advanced seminar that will focus specifically on blinds of all kinds (land and water) and water work (marks and blinds).  This is a working seminar.  The majority of this workshop will be spent in the field, running set-ups and in the yard focusing on drills.  All working dogs will be run on each set-up with extensive observation and feedback.  Observers are encouraged and all attendees are urged to bring problems for discussion and to ask questions throughout the seminar.

Carol is the author of Building A Retriever, Drills & More.  The book is a compilation of drills and best practices for the hunting retriever. Each drill was chosen because of its direct relevance to advancing retrievers for hunting and/or competition. Particular attention is paid to selecting drills that are within the means of most amateur trainers.  Carol has been training her own dogs as an amateur since 1993.  She has had experience working with a variety of pro trainers while working towards advanced titles in the hunt test game.  She has put multiple hunt test titles on her Chesapeake Bay Retrievers and Golden Retrievers, including: Grand Hunting Retriever Champion, Master Hunter and Hunting Retriever Champion.  Carol’s Chessie, Tally, was the first Chesapeake to earn a  modern Grand Hunting Retriever Champion in the United States and the first of any breed in Florida.  Tally is also a member of the 500 point club in HRC.  Tally’s daughter, Daytona, achieved  both her HRCH and Master title while she was two years old.  She competes and judges at both AKC and HRC hunt tests.  Carol is an AA Finished judge in HRC.

For more information, including registration details, please visit:

Hope to see you there!

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