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We're sorry to have to announce that the August 26-27 Dennis Voight seminar at Maxville, Ontario has been cancelled.

We talked to Dennis tonight and a problem has arisen since his return to Ontario. A number of people have been suggesting that he should not be allowed to run as an Amateur as he was "taking money to train dogs". In our opinion, giving a seminar to show people how to train their own dogs with effective and humane methods does NOT constitute professionalism. However, the field trial rules leave the judgement up to the Club and Trial committees.

Dennis will be addressing this matter in the next Online and we encourage people to read this issue to find out more. We feel that education and continuing to build interest in hunt tests and field trials is the future of the sport. This kind of shallow and short term pettiness is the sort of thing that drives people away from them instead.

Dennis has asked us to pass along his apologies for the inconvenience and we will be booking him in the future if this issue can be resolved with the CKC and AKC.


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That's a shame. Small-minded people care so little for what's right and fair, and will find ways to convolute the rulebook to fit their agenda.

The short version of the "pro" designation is, he must accept any part of his livelihood for training dogs for other people. This seminar was to teach people how to train their own dogs. How sad that simple interpretations can be made so sinister.

It's even sadder that someone can be caught dead to rights being a pro, be exonerated by folks that don't know the performance sport, and then have the unmitigated gall to sue the fancy for compensatory and punitive damages.

It's enough to make people quit the game.................... :?


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This is a shame, based on someone's interpretation.

Is Dennis a pro because the publishes Retrievers Online, and writes articles to teach folks how to train their dogs. After all, the folks have subscribed to his magazine, so now he's a pro? I don't think so.

Sorry Dennis, you deserve better.

[insert profanity here]

I thought this was over. What the heck is wrong with people??

If he were losing on the weekends, I'm sure they'd be just fine with it.

I hope this gets resolved as I was trying to arrange a workshop for our club early next year...

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