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1. ?? - Bill Shcrader
2. FC Blackwater Hocus Pocus - Paul Knutson (new FC)
3. Catalina's Blue Belle -Kenny Trott
4. ??

1. AFC Accumarks Blazing Striker - Larry Morgan (new AFC)
2. FC Blackwater Hocus Pocus - Steve Robben
3. AFC Show Me the Money - Mike Loggins
4. River Reveille's Double Dare - Dan Myers
RJ. Ramblin' Gamblin Gunslinger - Preston Skitt

1. Belmire's Blue Angel - Paul Knutson (now on the Derby list)

I was Marshalling at the Am. so these are the only results I have.

Paul K. had quite the weekend as Larry and Steve are two of his clients. The best part though was that his wife Julie was able to be there for all of the fun.
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