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Which motion duck do you prefer?

  • Mojo Duck

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  • Robo Duck

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  • Other or none at all

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I voted for Mojo because that is what I bought but I really don?t know if there is any difference.

I just purchased a Mojo with remote. While the difference between the two I am not sure but I will say I think they work great. Two or three years ago I hunted with a guy that had a Robo, I can?t say for sure but we "seemed" to get more action. Now I just purchase my Mojo and have only used it once. I hunted off a point that leads into a cove where the ducks "want to be." A few small groups actually landed out of range and swam into the decoy spread from about 100/125 yards away. One group of 4 actually swam directly in. Got a couple "trap" type jump shots out of it. A lot of birds decoyed. I killed a limit of mallards. I think the ones that swam in would have stayed in the cove and not "investigated" if it wasn?t for the Mojo.

I am actually wondering if it is an unfair advantage????

I suppose when hunting late season birds, I won?t feel that way.

I also added a couple of those battery powered hockey pucks - Quiver Magnets. They add movement to the spread as well.

Joe Miano
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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