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Which motion duck do you prefer?

  • Mojo Duck

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  • Robo Duck

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  • Other or none at all

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Mojo. I believe it can be very effective, as well as ineffective. The only reason I bought one 2 years ago was due to hunting public land and offsetting the "competition". One day I had the better blind, spread and calling only to have the birds come in and turn at 50 yards and suck in to a guy 100 yds away using a Mojo. Now that I have one, there are plenty of times that I pull it...the birds tell me. If you do get one, think outside the box. If late season birds flare just out of range, set the spinner up 40 yds behind you. Many times I watch the spinners in front of a blind pull the birds and then they flare just out of range. Later in the parking lot you hear them say how the spinner didn't work...actually it did, but the setup needed to change in order to get the birds in the zone. If you do get one, buy and extra rechargeable battery or two.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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