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Which motion duck do you prefer?

  • Mojo Duck

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  • Robo Duck

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  • Other or none at all

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We have been using a Mojo Mallard for 3 seasons now. It has been very reliable and we have had no problems. We have never used a robo duck but have been with somebody who had a Mojo Jr. In the West Texas wind, the less powerful Jr motor struggles at times( >15mph wind) otherwise it seems fine. I would be a little concerned about the open bottom on the robo--ours tends to get very wet and muddy.

As far as the value of the rotating wing bird I am a little mixed. Scientific studies out of Calif found that they did increase bag. We at times, find them to be helpful and other times not very helpful. They seem to work better earlier in the season and with specific species. Teal and widgeon almost want to land on it at times, while it seems to spook pintails at times. Hunting last Janusry I can't say they were any benefit at all.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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