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The Rocky Mountain Retriever Club Field Trial will be held September 2-4, 2005 at the Bud Linke Ranch in Granby, Colorado. Entries will be accepted via Entry Express - we are presently awaiting event confirmation from the AKC.

PLEASE NOTE: Because entries in the Open last fall exceeded 100 dogs, the Club will be running a RESTRICTED STAKE this year, rather than an OPEN.

The Rule Book defines the RESTRICTED STAKE as follows:

A Restricted All-Age Stake at a Retriever trial shall be for dogs that have been previously placed in an Open All-Age Stake, a Limited All-Age Stake, an Owner-Handler Amateur All-Age Stake, or a Restricted All-Age Stake carrying Championship points in each class.
In short, if your dog has not placed in an All Age Stake it is NOT eligible to run in the RESTRICTED STAKE. Please confirm the status of your dog before entering the RESTRICTED STAKE.

Refunds will NOT be given after closing for those dogs who have been improperly entered in the RESTRICTED STAKE.

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