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Rorem Workshop

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Dave asked me to mention that they have had a few observer cancellations for the upcoming Rorem Handling Workshop in Michigan after the National Amateur. So, if you were thinking about participating, but worried that too much time had passed, throw your name in the mix.

I have attended two Rorem Workshops and plan to make it an annual event. It is a tremendous learning experience for anyone who wants to become a better handler.

I really cannot say enough good things about the experience.
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How was the seminar?


What made the seminar special for you?

JusticeDog said:
But Ted, I do wish you would quit promoting this seminar to others - I really don't want my competition to have the same knowledge I do! :D

It is one thing to have the knowledge.

It is another to execute that knowledge under pressure.

Dave helps people have the former.

However, only they can actualize the latter.


What are the three most important lessons you took away from the seminar?


Accomplishment & Attainment
What do you mean by this?

Don't play down a good performance
Or this?

Finish what you Start
Or this

I too liked the comparison Dave made to a weekend FT and the Nationals.....and the difference in handling at each...............
Which was?

Appreciate any elaboration you can offer. Dave is constantly "tweaking and tuning" his seminars. I don't recall these discussions (but, I could be wrong) at the two previous seminars that I attended.

Heck Ted, maybe I 'll even get to run Mootsie or Buffy or Zowie in Fayettsville next year...........what a rush............ :)
I plan on running at least two of them next January at the seminar.

Look forward to seeing you with your dogs there

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lablover said:
What is the "handling triangle"?
The theory is that you move your position to optimize your cast.

Imagine a triangle formed by


If dog is undercasting - e.g., you give right back and get left back or left angle back, then you close the triangle - that is, make the triangle narrower - by changing your position (taking a step or two to your left), so that your next cast is as close to a straight back as possible.

If dog is overcasting - e.g you give right back and get right over - then you open the triangle - that is you make the triangle wider - by changing your position (taking a step or two to your left) - so that when you give your next cast (a left back), and the dog overcasts to the left, it is more on line to the blind.

Hard to explain in words

Easier to see in person

There was a thread on it somewhere earlier

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Polock said:
One other item that proved interesting at the Seminar was the dawgs reactions to the different types of whistles that were being used.......

I defintely came away from the seminar knowing that the Black Mega Whistle that Dave uses, as well as myself, is the only way to fly..........
I am not so sure. Take a look at Buffy's water blind at the National, go to and look at eighth series.

I was using Mega Whistle. She did not stop until I switch to Monster

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