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Rorem Workshop

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Dave asked me to mention that they have had a few observer cancellations for the upcoming Rorem Handling Workshop in Michigan after the National Amateur. So, if you were thinking about participating, but worried that too much time had passed, throw your name in the mix.

I have attended two Rorem Workshops and plan to make it an annual event. It is a tremendous learning experience for anyone who wants to become a better handler.

I really cannot say enough good things about the experience.
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I totally agree with Susan that Dave is a great Teacher.

Ted I would have to say what I liked was learning the handlers pyramid, when to get on & off on point blinds, timing of the whistle, how to read the dog if they are to watery or to skinny in the water how you are going to set the dog up for the next bird. I liked how Dave explained the differences of handling a dog at a weekend FT verses the National.

I am most defiantly going to go again as a handler I think you learn so much not just running your dog but running dogs off of Dave's truck and having him critique you the entire time. I ran Maverick & Aero.
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