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Rorem Workshop

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Dave asked me to mention that they have had a few observer cancellations for the upcoming Rorem Handling Workshop in Michigan after the National Amateur. So, if you were thinking about participating, but worried that too much time had passed, throw your name in the mix.

I have attended two Rorem Workshops and plan to make it an annual event. It is a tremendous learning experience for anyone who wants to become a better handler.

I really cannot say enough good things about the experience.
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Thanks, Ted for the info on the workshop. To apply you need to go to Dave's website

It says that no apps will be taken after May 1, but since there are a few openings, just go ahead and submit your application and ignore the cut off dates.

Michigan Rorem Workshop

Well, it's almost here......the MI workshop starts this Friday 6/29 thru Sunday 7/1 in Fenwick, MI. We have attendees from Maine to Texas. The weather should be great and the experience priceless!!

Safe travels to all and if anyone has any last minute questions or concerns, you can contact Jerry with the Wolverine Retriever Club (hosting club) at 586-383-3274.

See you there!
Barbara Younglove

We had a great weekend!! And a great turnout! It was lots of work to host it, but definitely worth it!!

As you know, Dave is a great teacher. He not only tells you what you are doing wrong, he tells you when you have made a good choice.

The Art and Science of Handling Retrievers on dvd and the workshops are a must for anyone that is serious about this sport.

Ted.....I came away with much more than three but here are the ones I really want to concentrate on:

1. The importance of control between the holding blind and the line and how it will affect your dog's performance after he leaves the line.

2. Keep the handling triangle skinny for optimum casts.

3. Learn to read your dogs intentions.

Another one of my favorites is "finish what you start".(a particularily bad habit of mine)

Dave spoke often of you, Ted. How you handled your dogs at the national amateur and how you have applied the many concepts that Dave shares in the DVD and the workshops.

I, also am a student of Dave's and I attribute much of my success to applying his handling and training philosophies.

I look forward to meeting you someday!!

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