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Okay people! After Push's accomplishments it is really hard for me to bring another smaller brag in but here it is. Little Rose, Ambertrail's Wild Irish Rose, WC, finished her first Junior stake ever run!!!!!!!! :-D This was a weekend of firsts for our girl. Her first major trip, her first time in a new training/trial environment, her first time competing in field trials, her first time with Mike as her handler at an event.

Her brother won a Derby a few weeks ago at DelBay at his first trial. Her sister CM'd a Qualifying at her first weekend out, now our girl, Rose finished her first Junior. I am especially proud, as Rose is one of my golden students! She is with me training daily. I know how BIG this was for her and she came up to the plate and our expectations! She was not supposed to run a trial till next year as we train for higher levels, but Rosie, as Mike lovingly calls her, came through for him today. Rose and her siblings are out of our near 12 year old Jimmy (FTCH. AFTCH. Ritchie's Toronto Bust, Am.***) and Reba (Splashdown Arriba Reba, QFTR, Am.*** and an Amateur Win) Reba is seven years old and this special combination has had only one litter together and these kids are it. Whether we ever get another litter from them is.....well....more than we can hope for. So, Rose and Mike, Congratulations!

Take care for now.

Val Ducross
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