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Sagehens/Northern California RTC May 19-20 Double DQ

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Sagehens Qualifying results:
1st: Priemer/Julie Cole, QAA Chessie!!!
2nd: Ringo/Janet Eisen, QAA!!!
3rd: Ruby/Don Graves
4th: Whouper/Alice Woodyard
RJ: Roxy/Julie Cole
JAMs: Deuce/Trapper Barnes. Scout/Bob Smallman. Trapper/Harry Carlson. Belle/George Darrow.


Sagehens Derby results:
1st: Ruff/Judy Bly. Keeping his solid lead as high point derby Golden.
2nd: Lil/Charlene Koeth
3rd: Banner/Alice Woodyard. Makes Derby list!!
4th: Buttons/Gary Ahlgren
RJ: Lily/Nancy White
JAMs: Duke/Debbie Crawford


Norcal Qualifying results:
1st: Ruby/Don Graves. QAA!!!
2nd: Milo/Alice Woodyard
3rd: Deuce/Trapper Barnes
4th: Pocket/Alice Woodyard (10 years old!)
RJ: Trapper/Harry Carlson
JAMs: Priemer/Julie Cole
Gunner/Dick Ellis

Norcal Derby results:
1st: Banner/Alice Woodyard
2nd: Ruff/Judy Bly
3rd: Lil/Charlene Koeth
4th: Lily/Nancy White
RJ: Buttons/Gary Ahlgren
JAMs: Buck/Dick Ellis. Bug/Karen Young. Shuttle/Diane Glassmeyer (1st Derby!). Duke/Debbie Crawford.

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Holy Moly, Ruff strikes again! Congratulations!
Of course we're watching him and cheering him on live and in person when we can. But we're equal opportunity cheerleaders and even do our routine for left coast Goldens!
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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