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Sagehens/Northern California RTC May 19-20 Double DQ

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Sagehens Qualifying results:
1st: Priemer/Julie Cole, QAA Chessie!!!
2nd: Ringo/Janet Eisen, QAA!!!
3rd: Ruby/Don Graves
4th: Whouper/Alice Woodyard
RJ: Roxy/Julie Cole
JAMs: Deuce/Trapper Barnes. Scout/Bob Smallman. Trapper/Harry Carlson. Belle/George Darrow.


Sagehens Derby results:
1st: Ruff/Judy Bly. Keeping his solid lead as high point derby Golden.
2nd: Lil/Charlene Koeth
3rd: Banner/Alice Woodyard. Makes Derby list!!
4th: Buttons/Gary Ahlgren
RJ: Lily/Nancy White
JAMs: Duke/Debbie Crawford


Norcal Qualifying results:
1st: Ruby/Don Graves. QAA!!!
2nd: Milo/Alice Woodyard
3rd: Deuce/Trapper Barnes
4th: Pocket/Alice Woodyard (10 years old!)
RJ: Trapper/Harry Carlson
JAMs: Priemer/Julie Cole
Gunner/Dick Ellis

Norcal Derby results:
1st: Banner/Alice Woodyard
2nd: Ruff/Judy Bly
3rd: Lil/Charlene Koeth
4th: Lily/Nancy White
RJ: Buttons/Gary Ahlgren
JAMs: Buck/Dick Ellis. Bug/Karen Young. Shuttle/Diane Glassmeyer (1st Derby!). Duke/Debbie Crawford.

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Becky Mills said:
Holy Moly, Ruff strikes again! Congratulations!
WOW! Congratulations, AGAIN!! :D Sportin' Nitty Gritty** .."Ruff" and Judy..

How many points now?
"Ruff's" B.D. is 7/7/2005...from K9 Data...
Melanie Foster said:
Thanks Nancy for posting all those results. Wish I had a dog to run in all these trials. :-I Nice job to you & Lily, Judy & Ruff.

Are you guys watching Goldbriars Copper Bullet? He's got 26 Derby points. What a great year for young Goldens!

Yes!! :D
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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