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HI does anyone have the results from the SDRC Qual ?Placements and Jams
thanks cindy

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1st Northern Dancer II Jim Harvie-Owner/Handler
2nd Hanna's Eye of the Tiger Owner-Chad White/Handler John Pampy
3rd Jazztime Last Chance V Pekisko Larry Calvert-Owner/Handler
4th Suncrest Wild Oats Owner Linda & Arnie Erwin/Handler Linda Erwin
RJ Ottercreek's Gryphon Larry Baker-Owner/Handler
Nine Jams

Derby (Going from memory-third & fourth may be reversed)

1st Litchfield's Lightning Owner-Miles Etchart/Handler Patsy Martin
2nd Runnin's Molly B Owner-Brian Clasby & Mickey Rawlins/Handler-Mickey Rawlins
3rd Louzana Luke-Owner/Handler George Ibarra
4th Moonstones Hug and Moochie Owner-Bill & Sarah McKnight/Handler Bill McKnight
RJ Nitra-Owner/Handler Mickey Rawlins
Seven Jams
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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