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These pups come from an outstanding bloodline of retrievers proven to excel in any form of retriever competition. Multiple NAFC, FC, AFC, HRCH, and Master Hunters in their pedigree.

HRCH Big Creek's Roamin for Ducks MH x SHR Miss Daphne Gordy JH

Sire: Roamin's life begin as a beloved family pet, but it soon became evident that Roamin needed and wanted to do more than just keep his human
company, so when he turned 1 year old, the decision was made to send Roamin to Taylor Farm Kennels to begin his formal education. Now at age 3, he has earned his Master. He is currently being handled by Sean Hager of Taylor Farm Kennels.

Roamin is so full of personality and grit. He loves to work and is a fantastic marker. We have great hope for Roamin and hope that he can follow in his father's footsteps.

Dam: SHR Miss Daphne Gordy JH

Daphne is a hard charging, easy to train, well bred, 80 lb, hunting machine with a great off switch. She lives in our home but does fine in a kennel. She has been a true pleasure to train and hunt with. Retrieved her first duck before she was 7 months old. Completed force fetch with ease at 6 months. Daphne went 8 for 8 in hunt tests to earn her first two titles. Covid ended Daphne's 2020 testing season but we look forward to working on her advanced titles this fall.

Both parents have had all their genetic, elbow, hip, and eye testing performed. Daphne is a carrier for EIC and clear for all other genetic conditions while Roamin is clear of all genetic conditions. This testing is done before breeding to ensure healthy, disease free pups.

Stud owner has reserved pick of the litter. Pups due June 5th. Accepting deposits on 3 female and 4 male pups at this time. Pups are $1500 with a $500 deposit to reserve pick.

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