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For a week or so, I have been taking care of a friend's, 18 week old quite well bred labrador puppy.

We have been playing the hide and seek game in the house with initially using a fair few items in my case, paint rollers for the pup to find, and bring back to me. I reward the puppy.

Over the last couple of days I have only placing 2 items hidden in various parts of the house.

Its been so much fun watching the pup and observing its diligence and body.

Those who train for S & R dogs and who also compete in AKC hunt tests and field trials, do these types of particular puppy games transfer well in retriever games?
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Thanks Kristie,

When the puppy understood the game, as I have a long hallway through the middle of our house, which I placed the crate, then eventually locked the puppy in our kitchen, it scratched the door badly (no worries - long suffering never goes into the kitchen so he will not see the damage) and vocalised. I used the opportunity to teach quiet. I still think obedience type stuff, like patience before sending etc may be valuable?

Being a dork, of course, I tried my 4 trial dogs, on the hide and seek game. I could not help noticing the same hunt patterns, as the field. One even popped!!!!!!!!!

I was going to move outside this morning, and hide some articles for the youngster, but our house block is about an acre and a half, in some areas, heavily gardened. Thought it would be too hard for such a youngster.

Thanks for your input.

The last thing I need is a puppy, but having one, even for a short time is fun.

I have a ton of questions, but will limit myself to three. Hope you do not mind replying.

Could you tell me the level of training your dog was when it was sent for S & R training? And its age?

You mention hunt on marks. Was there significant fall out (hunt wise) on blinds, as a result of S & R training?

My interest is due, to having two friends who have the only internationally accredited S & R dogs, owned privately in Australia. They are as mad as most retriever "game" owners I know. :lol:

Their training methods, I find educational, and frankly thought provoking.

Thanks again.
I agree, but as I have only one head, I think it easier for me to wear one hat.

Observing S & R dogs is great, all the same, and as mentioned from a training point of view, great.

Still like their puffer bottles LOL.
1 - 6 of 10 Posts
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