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Shasta Cascade Retriever Club - Klamath Falls Oregon

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82 dogs in the catalog – Not sure of the scratches - Rotation 34-74-54-10

Land series – Triple, center gun shoots first right to left retires (around 200 yrds), long right hand gun just off the back of the center gun shoots 2nd throws right to left retires (around 300-350 yards) Flyer off to the left thrown right to left and little deeper than the short gun. Winds are blowing left to right at about a little breeze.


61 dogs in the catalog – Not sure of the scratches – Rotation 34-3-49-18

Land Series – Triple, ,right hand short gun thrown right to left retires, center gun thrown right to left retires (maybe 200 yards), flyer on the left shot left to right.


29 dogs in the catalog – Not sure of the scratches - I did not see the set up but this is what I was toold.

Triple with a blind off the flyer station. Blind was run first then the marks were thrown and picked up.

Call backs to the water blind -

#1,7,13,15,16,17,21,23,24,25,26,27,28 (13 dogs)

PS It is very warm here - high 80's and humidity in the 30's. The breeze is staring to pick up a little bit.

More later . . . .

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This is one of the rare ones that is done all by the postal system!!! Russ is right. No idea which dog is which. There isn't an EE list to cut and paste to reference!
1st Jerry Patopea, dog #26 (sorry, didn't get the name, but black dog :? )
2nd Steve Cote
3rd Jerry Patopea with a golden (sorry not sure which dog)
4th John Henninger
Derby winner was Patti Kiernan- Congrats Patti!
2nd John Henninger
3rd Dick Ellis
4th a golden, sorry, no info
RJ Jack Vollstead
Hey congratulations Randy! I apologize, I'll bet Lee is proud! Could you tell the name of the winning dog for us? My phone call was sketchy.
Amateur results:
1st Jack Vollstead Angel
2nd Chris Hatch Saber
3rd Peter Goodale Zeus
4th TJ Lindbloom Sailor
RJ Gordon Powers Husky
Jams Don Graves both dogs
Meg Beck Lulu
Kim Johnston Fly
Don Simpson Gypsy
Lorna Kolstad Magic
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She had a very scary case of pyo. So she will be bred next season, for the first and last time. :(
1 - 7 of 35 Posts
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