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Shelf Life of Dog Food?

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After reading the rave reviews on Arkat I drove into town and scored a 40# bag of VF Puppy for 5 month old Maggie. I noticed a little dust on the bag when they loaded the truck at the dock. Stewed a little on the drive back (should have stopped and looked) and sure enough, back home I find "Best by April 21, 2005". So its a couple months past its prime, and will be much older before the pup works her way through 40 pounds of it. Do I feed it or take it back?
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I actually have engineering tables for the shelf life of dried biological materials at home.

More than likely, the bag of dog food would have been fine sine a 5 month old pup would have ate the bag within 6 weeks. The guidlines for best if sold by date are usually taking into concideration that the bag may be stored at a higher temperature than if it were stored in an airconditioned house. The cooler temperatures can extend the shelf life by 50%.

I would need to look up the data at home. I am just going off what I remember from college classes.
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