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anyone know of a service that ships dogs door to door. I have a dog I need to ship to South Texas. I can fly her to Houston but having problems getting her into Harlingen Airport.( the potential new owners live 5 hours south of Houston). It seems I saw it advertised in a thread but can't find it. Any help would be appreciated.

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I've never shipped into Corpus Christi international, so I am not sure what flights may be available for shipping dogs into Corpus Christi... I've shipped into Houston on Continental many times as either the connecting flight or final destination. Most of my puppy clients in South Texas just make the drive to either San Antonio or Houston for puppy pickup... It is 2 plus hours from Harlingen to Corpus Christi according to mapquest. I've made the 4-5 hour drive from Oklahoma to Dallas Forth Worth (DFW) airport many times to pickup a dog so a 5-hour drive doesn't seem out of touch.
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