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Shooting Pen Raised Mallards at Trials

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A wildlife officer told a friend of mine, that it was against federal law to shoot mallards at a trial/hunt test. He said the birds could not even look like mallards.

Can anyone point me to a source of information to refute this claim?
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From Arkansas game codebook. If it was against Federal law then how can the AGFC allow it to take place?

Captive Mallards and Live Decoys
It is illegal to hunt migratory waterfowl over captive-reared mallards (live decoys) at any time. It is illegal in Arkansas to release captive-reared mallards unless:
• The owner is operating and the hunter is shooting at a Commission-licensed game bird shooting resort.
• The owner has a valid shoot-to-kill retrieving dog training permit and legally purchased the mallards from the holder of a wildlife breeder/dealer permit or has legally imported the mallard into Arkansas in accordance with an AGFC wildlife importation permit. Shoot-to-kill retrieving dog training permits are available through any AGFC wildlife managment employee or wildlife officer.
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