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Sioux Falls

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left at 6:30 pm yesterday (Fri)

- 52 called back for the open land blind to start Sat am.
- qual was running a water blind, don't think they were going to finish

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Derby --------- Handler

1rst Muskies Ball Wall Booyah, Richard Berry or Jeff Horsley

2nd Montanas Big Sky, Jeff Horsley

3rd Contenders Dora, Steve Yozamp

4th Gavins Point Rough Rider, Roger Weller

Res Jam HR Wolf creek's Bunny Lou SH, Darrell Layman


1rst Salty Paws Sweeter Than Wine, Bart Peterson

2nd HRCH Wolf Creek's Texas Twister MH, Darrell Laymen

3rd Mallard Creek Amazing Amber, Jason Baker

4th Laying it on the Line, Mark Smith

Res Jam Booty In The Shotgun, Jeff Horsley

Jam GNR's Double Down Or Bust, Dan Sayles
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SpecialOpen ----- callname------ Handler

1rst FC Days End Above The Law ,Diesel, Mark Smith
Lean Mac x Super Sue One smart puppy. Last series was a quad with two long guns retired, strong cross wind, and lot of difficult muck to run and swim through.

2nd AFC Wagtail's Rare Indigo, Blue, Steve Blythe
New FC for Dennis Mitchell

3rd FC Barton Creek's O Mustad, Hook, Bobby George

4th FC-AFC Watermarks Wizard, Wizard, Fred Kampo

Res Jam's for

Eagle Ridge Phred, Phred, Jeff Horsley

Bayou Teche Tex, Tex, Mark Smith
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I was lucky to meet Mark. Glad to hear his home was OK. I don't think his family was so lucky.

He was itchin' to get on the road home. I hope he stayed to get his ribbon. He has a plan to fill up some extra gas cans for the last leg of the journey.
I wonder if anyone could post the Amat. results?

Congrats and thanks for the Amat results. Glad you had a good time. Maybe someday I can be in your place. Heard end of the land blind was bit hard to see. I didn't get to see any of Amat. Worked and ran unsuccessfully the Derby and helped last series of Open. It was a hoot to step up to the line though. 8)
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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