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DERBY - Brenda Lokey / Dr. Tim Carrion 25 entries

1)Daswoods Sedcond Chance O-Don Eiler H-Luc (A. Pleasant)
2)Black Rivers Bad Medicine O-J/a Marshall H - Juan(A.Pleasant)
3)Kingsway James Midnite Gold O-J. Austin H-Jeff Stoneman
4)Revel Ridge's Devils Luck O/H Lyn Yelton
RJ Aran Island's Mighty Quinn O/H Pat Martin
Stonewall's She Be Cool O/H Michelle Linnane
Oldsquaw's Yellow Cherli O/H Frank Purdy
Trieven Mac's Storm Surge O-R Stainback H-Luc (AP)
Bob XLT O/H Bill Thompson
Montgomery's Nip N Tuck O-B McCresh H-Luc
I'm Not From Texas O/H Diane Twesten
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