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SMARTFETCH DVD QUESTION re: ecollar stimulation

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I'm in the process of working on the HOLD command with my 8 mo lab, just prior to Force Fetch. I have read the Smartworks I - book and am in the process of reading through SmartFetch. In addition, I've just viewed for the first time the SmartFetch DVD - I think all the material so far is outstanding.
The question that I have is regards to the DVD, where Mr. Graham demonstrates Force to Mini Pile (3 bumpers) and ecollar stimulation. Am I correct to assume that when we condition the pup to ecollar stimulation we use the "continuous setting" until the dog picks up the bumper, but that when we transition to Force to Pile, we switch over to using the "momentary" stimulation with FETCH [no go] "nick" FETCH ....?
This is my first lab that I'm training so I'm very new to this. This will be my first time going through FF.
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I want to point out that directly after FF when you first introduce the mini pile(Evan correct me if I am wrong) you reinforce w/ the ear pinch and not the collar because the dog has only been CC'd to HERE at this point. This was my initial point of confusion.
Guess I'll have to get that DVD then. :wink:
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