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Okay, I know that the folks down south will think I am a drama queen with your gators and all, but we just pulled a 12 inch dia. snapping turtle out of our "wetland" today.

Alot of our land has a ton of sand on it and I have seen smaller ones often, laying their eggs in the sand banks. Two days ago on our walk, my dogs found a nest that another critter had opened and ate the turtle eggs (yeah!) of course they all had to try and eat the shells that were left behind. (yuck)

Anyway, I always worry about the dogs coming nose to nose with them, has anyone ever had an issue? We never have but ya never know!

How do you all deal with em!
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We have them, along with the snakes and gators. I never gave them a thought. I have never heard of anyone having a problem with them though.
In addition to the good old Florida Snapping turtle, we also are lucky enough to have the Alligator Snapping Turtle. Adult male weight....250 lbs! ID/Alligator_snapping_turtle.htm
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