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Snowbird/Labrador trial results?

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Anyone heard any results. Qualifying was over Saturday Open was running water blind Saturday and Amateur was still running the first series Saturday when I left. Obviously, I did not have a good weekend. :roll:
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Howard said:
Brenda said:
All I know about the Qual is that Kevin Cheff won and I am sorry dont know what dog or what the other placements were.......
Kevin won the qual with L&L's Black Tie Affair owned by Howard Simson/Lise Langlois. The only other placing in the qual that I know is Val Chappell got 4th with Cosmo's Diamond In The Rough.

Howard/Lise congrats on your Qual. winn. It's a small world :wink: Marv.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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