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does anyone know anything about the trial yet ? did the derby run today ?
i have 2 derby dogs running and 2 open dogs so i am anxiously waiting for some news!

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1 Jack Vollstedt Griz
2 Mel Milton Margo
3 Debbie Langston Titan
Jams ?

1st Nightwtinds Thunder Talking Marie Doherty Handled by Eric Fangsrud :D
2nd High Tech Takeover Hillary Brooks
3rd Why No JD Owner Effie Henkle Handler Eric Fangsrud
4th J and D Samantha O/H Donna Vander Zanden
RJ Shadoe's Little Jade O/H Ken Thorsen
Jams: US CurrencyO/H Mike Tierney Chuycach Security Cade Don Biesen, Home Boy Armand Fangsrud, Amanky Ambry Shad Gary Jones

1 ShadowPines Chabasco Bob Byrum
2 Arnie Erwin dog ?
3rd Arnie Erwin dog?
4 Jim Harvie Dog?
NO Jams Awarded

1 Jack Volstead dog Unknown
2 Jill Handler Patti Kiernan
3 Fishtrap Heidi Ray Bly
4 Chance Larry Calvert
RJ Bear Doris Fangsrud Handled by Eric Fangsrud
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