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1. Does the "Name Game" have a winner?
2. Which would you rather have a CH or a 2x NFC?....and Why? is a good tool for beginners to learn C and C++
3. Guy down the street said get a Silver Lab, wife is sold on a Labradoodle. What should I do?
Put a bandana on a lab and buy a "You had me from woof!" sticker for your car. You'll be fine.
4. Milner or Starbucks- who has the better marketing model?
Starbucks. It is the only place on the planet where you can be served by a condescending staff and end the transaction by thanking them for over charging you and forcing you to use their made-up term of grande instead of large.
5. Was GDG invented to confuse newbies? Or by someone with English as a second language?
An old mainframe guy who loved Generation Data Groups was feeling nostalgic. He was quite a joker.
6. Are Field Trials only for senior citizens?Brace beagle trails are for senior citizens. They exist in order to unload a huge backlog of Joy dog food caps found 15 years ago in a John Deere warehouse.
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