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All puppies have been sold out of this incredible breeding. Depth and breadth in the pedigree as it is stacked with consistent high performing and high producing sires and dams at every generation. With the versatility and balance in this breeding, these pups will have the talent to be highly successful in any hunt test venue, waterfowl hunting, dove hunting and upland hunting while also having the off switch to make them a fabulous family member in the home.


River is qualified for the 2023 Master Amateur and will be running that later this spring.
She passed 21 out of 24 Master or Finished Level tests between October 2021 and October 2022 while taking off time from training between November and January to hunt and minimal training between June through August becasue of the South Texas summer. She has a level head and mental stability to go along with stamina and drive.
Excellent Hips LR-260862E34F-C-VPI
Normal Elbows LR-EL108755F34-C-VPI
Normal Eyes LR-EYE25273/35F-VPI
Normal (clear) of EIC, CNM, PRA, OSD, SD2, and 5 other genetic diseases.
Paw Print Pedigrees - Details for River (

Coupe will be completing his 4XGMPR title this spring and possibly run a few more Quals. He jammed the first one he was entered in last fall.
Excellet Hips LR-255668E25M-VPI
Normal Elbows LR-EL103948M25-VPI
Normal Eyes LR-EYE21754/21M-VPI
Normal (clear) of EIC, CNM, PRA, OSD, SD2, and 3 other genetic diseases.
Paw Print Pedigrees - Details for Coupe (

Text me at 210-289-9597 for any questions.
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