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1st - AFC Cache La Poudre Ivan -- John Goettl
2nd -- FC Two Step's Tomboy -- Tom Vaughn
3rd -- FC Red Label True Grit -- Danny Widner
4th -- AFC Accumarks Blazing Striker -- Larry Morgan
RJ -- Lil Miss MacRiley -- Brian Biesemeier (this was her first AM)
Jams -- Two Step's Country Legend -- Esther McCartney, Ramblin' Gamblin Gunslinger -- Preston Skitt


1st -- Catalina's Miss Monica -- Kathy Berdan

I don't know the other results as the weather was horrible and I didn't find out other reults.

I think Bart Peterson won the Open

Derby ????

1st -- Salty Paws Sweeter Than Wine -- Bart Peterson
2nd -- JB's Code Blue Angel -- Ken McCartney

That's all I know for sure and I'm not a hundred percent positive on the 1st place Derby dog. It's an educated deduction.
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