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Sooner Retriever Club - Amateur (FYI)

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We want to make sure everyone understands. We as a club have decided, the FIRST 10 dogs in the Amateur will run in order per the premium and published running order. It does not matter if you are the first dog in the open on Saturday morning, you better be at the Amateur. If you are one of the first 10 dogs and you are not there, you will be put on the clock and dropped.

Please keep in mind, we are not being mean, we just believe in the luck of the draw in the running order.

Thank You! We look forward to seeing everyone at our trial.

Come Hungry...We have Diamond B Consessions whooping up some outstanding lunch. Maybe breakfast if he will get out of bed and show up.
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W Knight said:
open, limited or special all-age stakes are of the first importance, and that all other stakes are of relatively lesser importance......."

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .... W H Y ... ??????????????

White Knight

So the open can finish on Sat or by noon on Sun. :roll:

I dont get it, who is putting on theses trials and for whom.
I guess what I meant to say is we (the amatuers) spend 4 days putting on a 3 day trial plus the time spent before the trial. the pros show up with 10 -25 dogs each and are catered to all weekend on when they run and where each stake waiting on dogs from them. At the end of the day on sat. the am finishes last and was rushed the whole time finishing the trial. So while the judges are doing placements in the dark and the few that were in the last series along with the folks that volantered days to put the trial on the pros that get paid to run dogs are long gone and maybe already home. For the open to get the best land and water the most help 3 days and get priority is wrong. I have or have had all my dogs to date with a pro so I am not anti-pro. I just dont get why the rest of the stakes have to suffer for the open. Pro or non pro run dogs. If you enter a dog in the open and the AM and get called back to the land or water blind in the open and then are late for the am or tell the marshall that your dog just did the open land blind and you need to wait until the dog is rested than it is not fair to the other folks who dont and are running in order.
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