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Sooner Retriever Club - Amateur (FYI)

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We want to make sure everyone understands. We as a club have decided, the FIRST 10 dogs in the Amateur will run in order per the premium and published running order. It does not matter if you are the first dog in the open on Saturday morning, you better be at the Amateur. If you are one of the first 10 dogs and you are not there, you will be put on the clock and dropped.

Please keep in mind, we are not being mean, we just believe in the luck of the draw in the running order.

Thank You! We look forward to seeing everyone at our trial.

Come Hungry...We have Diamond B Consessions whooping up some outstanding lunch. Maybe breakfast if he will get out of bed and show up.
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AM will be running before the open. If there is a good reason someone is not there, a mashal should be notified. See Page 17 & 18 & 19 of your Rules. The Judges, FTC and Head Marshal makes those decisions. The open is important, but not any more important than the Am. Expediting the trail is most important along with fairness. If you have ever had to deal with sandbaggers, you will understand.
I agree with everything Steve said. This sport was built around the amatuers, not the pros. We are slowly making it a pro's game and I believe the pros sometimes forget who puts these trial on "The Amatuers" The pros are just slowly taking over. And to make Steve's point, we hold a OH Q for the sole reason as to expidite our trial and to give new people a place to play. We are not going to make the Q wait for a pro who is probably every other dog in the open. Pro's do not like the OH Q, but they are the ones that are causing clubs to take that action.

It is not the clubs problem that the dog is ran in both the open and the am. It is the clubs responsibility to put on a trial as fair as possible. It is the owners responsibility to get the dog to and from each stake. If the dog is tired or the handler was not there for the test dog, then too bad. That is a chance you take by double staking.

Since the sport was built around the amatuers, the amatuers should be priority. The amatuer should run in order and the open can wait. If you have a both Am and Open marks running the the last series. It could be that by letting the amatuer go run the Open and come back to the Am would give them an unfair advantage. This could be due to sun, wind, etc. That is unfair to those that are there to run when they are asked to do so.

Patrick is right...That did happen this weekend and probably happens almost every weekend.

PS.....I have a new addition to my signature.

"It's stupid to even have a DOW unless you are gonna run in order" Ken Guthrie
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1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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