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AKC Licensed Field Trial
Norco, Louisiana ? September 29 ? October 1, 2006

OPEN: (55 S) Judges: Keith Griffith and Creg Jones
1st: FC-AFC Trumarc?s Pudgie Mac, L.M., Mike Kammerer and William Bowen (Ryan Brasseaux)
2nd: Gray?s Creek Go Gabby Girl, L.F., William Bowen (Ryan Brasseaux)
3rd: FC-AFC Fordland?s Bored Out Ford, L.F., Sam Milton (Sam Milton)
4th: WRS Bugs Black Mist, L.F., Wayne Stupka (Wayne Stupka)
RJ: FC Mad River?s Maggie McBunn, L.F., Michael Cicero, Frank Baird (Mike Cicero)
JAMS: Nobody Moves Nobody Gets Hurt, L.M., Irving Marie B. Patin, (Ryan Brasseaux)

OWNER-HANDLER AMATEUR: (32 S) Judges: Larry Anderson and Bobby Bordelon
1st: Jamestown?s Perfect Ten, L.F., David Morange
2nd: Seaside?s Cutty Stark, L.M., Frank and Rita Jones (Frank)
3rd: Bayou Bays Bodago, L.M., Wendall Williams
4th: FC Tiger?s Goodness Gracious, L.F., Steve and Jan Helgoth, Joel Harris (Steve)
RJ: Moody?s Poor Larry MH, L.M., Bobby Lane
JAMS: Brier Lakes Southern Comfort, L.M., Timmy Junneau and Mark Sehon (Timmy), Mallard Brake Pale Rider, L.M., Wayne Nissen, Zippers Jayhawk at Carolina, L.F., Larry and Linda Ann Bozeman (Larry)

QUALIFYING: (27 S) Judges: Wayne Stupka and Robert Lane
1st: Sea Biscuit Itchin To Go, L.M., William Kearns (Ryan Brasseaux)
2nd: Gray?s Creek Skeeter Bo, L.F., Rick and Joan Mock (Rick)
3rd: Oakley?s Blackness, L.M., Luke Barras
4th: Willmark?s Country Boy Eddie, L.M., Chris McCall (Carl Grimmett)
RJ: Watermark?s Instigator, L.M., David Sandstrom (Chris La Cross)
JAMS: Rocket-Man To The Moon, L.M., Tom Watson (Ryan Brasseaux), Shadows Lots A Lottie, L.F., Stephen Van Cleve (Carl Grimmett), Cosmo?s Lady Isabelle, L.F., Mike Noel (Chris La Cross)

DERBY: (19 S) Judges: Robert F. Kennon, Jr. and Bob Boudet
1st: Trial Lawyer, L.M., Rickey Edge
2nd: Mjolnir?s USMC Amphib Assault, L.M., Greg and Mary Lee (Greg)
3rd: Nettie of Buffalo, L.F., Rick and Joan Mock (Rick)
4th: Timberpond?s Scarlet & Gold, L.F., Gregory and Mary Lee (Greg)
RJ: Dude?s Quick Draw, L.M., Ricky Elston
JAMS: TopBrass Wags To Riches, L.F., Eugene Evans (Frank Jones), Fordlands Tax Collector, L.M., Sam Milton

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Monster Congrats to D. Maronge and Bo. Getting it done between house reconstruction and long hours helping to rebuild NO.


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Congrats to Wayne S. on his 4th in the Open with Misty!! :D
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