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1st chopper / gonia
2nd kobe / patopea
3rd shade / gonia
4th carbon / gonia
not sure which was RJ but the rest of the finishers were: cooper / gonia, axel / gonia, kelly / patopea, ninja / eric fangsrud, rudy / eric fangsrud
and i think trump / gonia (?)

1st tico / ole jackson
2nd levi / barb young
3rd dilly / ann rauff
4th pirate / gary zellner

1st rooster / dan coleman
2nd chewy / dave catey
3rd pounce / ray bly
4th scoop / kim johnston
RJ andi's black magic / mark jones

1st merlyn vii / jane patopea
2nd chip / tom hartl
3rd rebel / eric fangsrud
4th pilot / wayne johnston
RJ petey / marty peterson
jam peaches / mark madore
jam piper / mark madore

first point vicki and now he is in school with jimmie gonia so i like to think we have some good things to look forward to!
he is a real nice pup and we thank you so much for the breeding!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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