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Patti won the derby with Rocky, 4th with Lozen and either rj or jam with Top.
She has Xinga, Jill and Quasi to the water blind in the open and Top to the 4th series of the qual. How's that for kickin' butt!

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open placements

Romain won with dog #2 Bill Freilings Shaq
Volsted got second with Peaches
Patti got 3rd with Quasi
Jim Harvey 4 th
don't remember rj
3 others jammed

Good trial

Great Judges!


southern az

Amateur was won by Larry Calvert with Chance
Qual results
1 MIke Tierney O/H with Cash
2 Chris Willett O/H Cash
3 Lorna Kolstead O/H Cody
4 Patti Kiernan Top Owner Wayne Johnson
RJ Mark Lowans O/H Bear

Jams Tiger lily O/H Joesph Taylor, BennyO/H Mary Ellen Mazzola
PD O/H Kareen Teirney
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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