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So Az trial results

I have the results for the Open and the Amateur:


1st Kobe and Bill Fruehling
2nd Shaq and Bill Fruehling
3rd Chris Allaire and Rascal
4th Luann Pleasant with Flash owned by Diane Green
RJ Twist owned by Glenda Brown, handler Don Remien


1st Husky and Gordon Powers (who is 89 years young!!!!)
2nd Boss and Mel Milton
3rd Annie and Mark Perrizo
4th E-Racer and Ray Bly
RJ Twist and Glenda Brown

Bill is really in for a big, big dinner bill for his training group! This completed Kobe's FC.

Derby was won by John Pampy Ranger and I heard Eric Fangsrud won the Qual but don't know with which dog.


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I'm gonna ME TOO

Way to go Gordy!!

I'm hoping I'm still around at 89 never mind getting blues.

Hi Glenda

thanks 4 posting results

Ham do anything in the derby?

hope youll continue posting

tell bill CONGATS from me, im home recouping from surgery, see you this summer

kris hunt
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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