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The Prado Basin HRC is putting on a training day in the afternoon of May 5th, sleep in and come put your dog through a mock HRC hunt test. You will be able to have your dog or dogs evaluated by on-site HRC judges as well as review the basic HRC rules and gun safety.

There will be mock test levels for all dogs, started, seasoned and finished, let's see what you and your dog are ready for.

The Prado Basin HRC is asking for a 20.00 dollar donation from HRC registered members and 35.00 from non-members, the donation will cover 1 live flyer(duck), blank and live ammunition and dead ducks. Additional live fliers will be available at 15.00 dollars per duck.

The training day is scheduled to start at 12:00 noon and run until approximately 5:00pm. Come prepared to help, learn, see some old friends, or meet some new ones!

Items you should bring,
Camouflage clothing
Duck call
camouflage umbrella
sun screen
bottled water

I'm asking for all interested parties to please PM me so that we can be sure to have plenty of live fliers on hand. In addition if you have a question regarding the training day or the HRC please feel free to contact me.

Sincere regards and I hope to see you there.
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