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Speaking of conformation, comments?

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Ok, so I read up on the LRC standard and read all the proportions and such. I measured my guy and here are my best measurements being I'm not 100% where the point of the rump and point of the shoulder are exactly. I know he's not going in the show ring, I'm just interested in correct structure. He is only 11 months but I don't think he's going to grow much more (I think that's more a result of the disease however). He weighs 60lbs.

Here are the measurements:

pt. rump to pt. shoulder = 20-20.5"
height at withers = 21-21.5"
elbow to ground = 11"

Here are some standing pictures. They are the best I have although he's slightly bent because his head is turned trying to look at me in some of them.

Here's a few "head shots." They're not great but they're the most recent. The one laying down makes him look like a whale the way he's laying but he's not fat lol.

From November...

How does tail look as far as being "otter?" His tail doesn't appear to go beyong the hock. And I know his head is narrow and long and doesn't have a good "stop." And his bone isn't thick at all. But what else am I missing?? Just trying to educate myself.


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He needs to have some incentive Mom, bake him up some garlic liver on the rare side. Then he'll be happy to play show dog games!

When you stack him, try to get him to be 4 corners square. He looks high in the rear because he has a long turn of stifle. With the liver he may free stack naturally and you will get him to lean into his front and extend his back legs. If not to see how well endowed he is in stifle. grasp his muzzle with one hand and run your other one down the length of his back to the rear leg, and gentlely grasping his hock, extend the rear leg out. You will still want the hock to be perpendicular to the floor. Now that you have one leg back there, switch hands on his muzzle and do the same thing on the other side. step back snap the photo and admire his conformation, don't forget to slip him the liver so he will admire you!
For his wither measurement, its from the top of his shoulder to the floor.
At the base of his neck you will be able to feel a space between his 2 shoulder blades, this is the point where a wicket would ride, on down to the floor. Drop your tape from here, he must be standing to get a correct reading. bring lots of liver, soft bait, to play this game!
have fun! and post a photo using this method, you're gonna be surprized with the before and after shots.
P dawg out.
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tail should come right off straight off his back. He has correct lab coat with a nice wave, and I bet its a double coat too. Expression, "pleasing to the eye" is what the standard says and he has that too. and I bet he will retrieve more that liver too.

Nice pup.
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