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Speeding up a sit

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How do you guys speed up a remote sit. Working on whistle sit to the pile and he is really slow to sit at the whistle.

He has been CC to sit as well as with a heeling sit
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I think that could be some of the problem in his slow sit, yes he is in t work. And yes his momentum is poor
the Janitor has often told us all the RTF can be a lot like panning for gold.
By your post here, I'd say post 11 is your nugget. And scan the member list Find Miriam and read her sig line. Have fun with your pup.
Question: does anybody see any unintended consequences from using actual birds in the morning on the two outside legs of the pattern blind before teaching the middle leg? My thinking is that the birds would help his momentum on the blinds.

I have used birds on paterns and on back piles of T. "Unintended"
suction, scent, dragback, needing to be mindfull of the walk out to plant.
and mixing birds and bumpers is ruff, with a young dog, at times.

1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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